Cracked Ceramics Theatre Company is a partnership between Camille Etchart, a Set Designer and Scenic Artist and William Leighton, a Lighting Designer.

As collaborating artists trained in Theatre and Performance Technology and Design we have many ideas for performances, installations and immersive theatre projects. The aim of the company is to provide a vessel for us to produce these projects under a common name in order to increase brand recognition.

We are aspiring artists in the theatre and performance arts and with this company we aim to forge a permanent connection with the industry in order to progress our own careers, as well as providing us with the means to pursue our own creative endeavours.

The philosophy of the company is to create a closer connection between the audience and our work as set and lighting designers that you don’t traditionally get in theatre performance. Through our projects the audience will directly interact with the scenic elements and bring something unpredictable to the experience. We aim to create affordable, new experiences with mass appeal. Our projects can be achieved in multiple venues so that through touring we can bring our work to as many people as possible.

Four Walls is our debut installation that was completed in the studio theatre of our university, the interactive piece lasted one week and offered us a platform to workshop our concept.

Four Walls is the Debut Project by Cracked Ceramics Theatre Company.

It is an immersive installation that can be toured inside many studio theatres or venue with similar facilities (the lighting grid being the essential element).

The concept is similar to escape rooms, which are becoming a something of a craze, with new companies like Breakout opening new rooms in 2015. There are many other companies operating escape rooms all over the world.

Four Walls however incorporates lighting and set design to create an experience that is more similar to immersive theatre, the scenic art providing the environment and the lighting adding special effects and acting as a “guide” through the different spaces.

The design is a collaboration of both of different skills to complete an overall aesthetic, which is intriguing, adding depth and fluidity. The rooms are inspired by art and architecture and there is a satirical storyline.